Sunday, February 2, 2014

Door Hanger Delivery – Because You Have Better Things To Do

Door hangers and flyer distribution are key to almost any good marketing campaign that targets a particular neighborhood. Whether you are a new restaurant looking for clientele or a gym that has been in the neighborhood for 20 years, door hangers can help draw in new customers any day of the week. 

Once you have designed, ordered, and printed your flyers, only one thing stands in the way of receiving a new influx of business: actually hanging them on the doors. 
As anyone who has ever done flyer distribution or door hanger distribution can tell you, distributing door hangers in a neighborhood can be time consuming and tedious. 

No business owner wants to have to deal with that chore, nor do they want to have to deal with telling an employee to do it for them. Door hanger delivery is not exactly the normal job description of any employee, and many may simply not know the neighborhood well enough to do it efficiently. It’s a logistics headache for just about anyone who wants to save time, money, and effort while still getting their door hangers out to their target audience. 

The best solution for many businesses – large and small alike – is to outsource their door hanger delivery work to a company who is well versed in their local terrain. This way, you are able to get the entire flyer delivery process underway without having to get your hands dirty in the process. 

The staff members who would be hanging each flyer on your target audiences’ doors will be able to do it in the shortest time possible, and you would probably end up saving money and time when it comes to tax season. All that customers usually have to do is tell the people who they outsource the work to where they want the door hangers to be delivered to, and sit back while others do the work. 

Door hanger delivery services and companies serve a very good purpose when it comes to overcoming the biggest issue of this form of traditional marketing – getting the flyers out there without wasting company time. Since flyer distribution services free up hours of employee time, businesses can use that time and money on more marketing endeavors, upgrades to their equipment, or even just a higher profit margin for the next quarter. It’s up to you to decide what to do with that extra time. 

Most detractors from outsourcing this tedious task will tell you that it’s probably out of your budget range, and then tell you that you should look into other methods of marketing in order to reach your audience. You shouldn’t listen to them, mainly because they are wrong.  

Despite what others may tell you, door hanger delivery services can be very inexpensive. You wouldn’t be able to know, however, unless you ask a local company for a quote on the door hanger delivery route that you would want to put underway. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Advertising with Door Hangers help Social Media

Advertising with Door Hangers help Social Media

Print advertising has long been a staple of any marketing campaign. Door hanger advertising is especially beneficial because it is budget conscious and be easily distributed nationwide. But did you know that door hanger advertising can actually boost your e-marketing campaign was well? Here are some ideas to get your message out offline while building an online presence.
Door hanger advertisements can provide your target audience with a variety of information about your business, organization, product, service, or event. Door hangers are perfect for succinct messages. Because door hangers are distributed directly to the target’s front door, you don’t have worry about waiting for the chain of social media contact to happen—it’s already right there at your prospect’s fingertips. Putting your business’s webpage address, blog sites, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube information on your door hanger can double the payoff for your investment. You can direct your target to your website or blog for more information about your particular event or promotion and reward them for their efforts. This is also a great way to keep track of the success of your marketing campaign.
Because door hanger distribution is nationwide, your messages can be received by thousands of people across different regions. The flexibility of door hanger advertising allows you to tailor your message to your audience’s preferences and stylistic tastes. Door hangers delivered to the western region can make references to the ocean or mountain lifestyle, where as those distributed in the eastern region can highlight city life or the turning of the seasons. Depending upon your promotion, your message can address the uniqueness of any region, city, or zip code range.
But door hanger advertising can be highly focused as well. You can tailor your door hanger design towards your target demographic by age, income level, shopping habits, or even ethnicity. Your design and message can speak directly to avid social media users. Door hanger advertisements can be delivered to specific neighborhoods with higher incomes or areas known for its young, hipster population. Using print to do your networking for you, allows you to spend your time developing great products and providing quality services.
In your marketing campaign, you don’t have to choose between print or electronic media. Do both. Allow them to complement each other and ad more value to each. Door hanger advertisements can work for you.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How Effective Is Door Hanger Distribution

Among all the marketing techniques door hangers and their distribution get the most bang for the buck. When compared to even the mass distribution outlets such as Internet advertising based on the number of clicks it generates, door hangers are cheaper and more effective – lasts more than a mere click and even if one does not want it, even the discarding involves having a glance at it and the message seeping into the subconscious, so to say!

Attractively designed and uniquely tailored to the product or the service, a simple but 'telling' door hanger has an impact far beyond its humble origins. It is the most unobtrusive way of catching the attention of a potential customer and if distributed widely it cannot but come to the notice and what's more hold it for longer than routine postal and mail advertising can. After all how many times we throw the bulk of the ad-mail into the trash can even without glancing at it? In this day and age of the Internet and an avalanche of information at one's fingertips, few have the time and inclination to peruse through voluminous – even if they are leaflets – mail advertising material, especially if cluttered with information. The humble door hanger overcomes this overkill neatly by its very ubiquitousness and simplicity.

The door hanger distribution compares more favorably with flyer distribution, with the latter involving more outlay and also entailing the risk of the prospective client getting irritated at the intrusiveness of the caller if it is handed in person, or if just left at the doorstep the likelihood of being picked up only to be thrown into the trash bin. The Flyer and the leaflets have their effectiveness, but not to the same degree as a properly distributed door hanger. After all for a person returning home after a hard day's work, a door hanger at the door knob is an immediate attention catcher. For one has to handle the knob and thereby the door hanger physically to open the door and get in. It is in this 'intimate' handling stage that the door hanger cannot but draw one's attention, and utilize the '3 seconds' span to its utmost effectiveness.

Finally, in these days of tight jobs and the availability of many people who will take up a part time and undemanding job like door hanger distribution in a targeted neighborhood and as a team effort, door hanger distribution is easy and least expensive. It is truly a case of ' well begun half done ' – the other half being, of course, the actual marketing of the product to the client who decides to go for the product or service spurred by the door hanger's message. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Door hangers beat out the competition for attention

All businesses have to make sure that they are getting the best value for their dollar. One value intensive method of advertising is door hanger advertising. This type of direct marketing has been around for years, but you may be wondering if it is still relevant for today’s consumer. Door hanger advertisements are, in fact, more relevant than ever.

It’s common knowledge that people are bombarded with radio ads, TV ads, internet pop-ups, and “junk emails”, all of which are all competing for their attention. Door hangers don’t have to compete with any other ads. They are simply resting on the front door knob and must be handled, and thus looked at, as the customer enters their home. Not only that, but they will bring it inside their home. Other family members will encounter the message, as well as friends or visitors.

Door hanger advertisements don’t simply disappear as radio, TV, and internet ads do. Door hangers are there, where you want them for an indefinite period of time. Once inside the home, door hangers can be posted on the refrigerator with a magnet as a constant reminder to the customer that your restaurant’s number is right at their fingertips, along with a 50% off coupon for a great meal.

Door hanger advertisements have come a long way in design technology and paper quality. A crisp, clear image and tightly expressed message can be powerfully packed into a door hanger advertisement. People appreciate novelty and will enjoy a sharp design or a unique offer. A thoughtful, well-designed door hanger, with your logo, brand, or company slogan can stimulate a potential customer to choose your product or service over another’s simply because they like your style, and so your company.

Another benefit of door hanger delivery is the potential to hit the right target at the right time. Geography counts and yours can be targeted to customers nationwide or by zip code. Radios and TV ads blast to the masses, while door hangers can be selectively given to real potential customers in your local neighborhoods and cities. Your campaign can be specifically targeted to just the folks you know will use your service. Why waste money blasting to everyone about your event? Rather, personally invite them, with a polished door hanger.

Door hanger advertisements add a great value to any advertising campaign. Door hangers are here to stay.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Effectiveness of Door hangers

Many major industries make regular use of door hangers. The reason why is because they are so effective at putting your message, brand, company name, and logo into your target audience’s hands. Door hanger delivery is a tried and true method for mining new prospects, building your brand, and reaching out to your community.

Door hangers can be effectively used for political campaigns, conservation efforts, city or community announcements, and product promotions or special offers. Door hangers are a great fit for informing consumers of sales and events or raising awareness about your services. Door hanger delivery is especially effective for seasonal business drives, such as tax preparation, Christmas specials, political elections, and New Year’s resolution fitness promotions. Door hangers can be share your message directly to your target audience on time.

Door hangers can be targeted right to the people you want to hear your message the most. In every area of the country—from coast to coast—nationwide door hanger distribution provides easy solutions for targeting specific demographics. Your message can reach prospects of any age, marital status, or income level. Imagine how effective your door hanger advertising can be as it targets specific ethnicities for a bilingual campaign!

Our door hangers are effectively distributed all over the continental United States. Your message, delivered throughout any region, county, city, neighborhood, or even a radius around a specific address, can be on the front door of your target customer’s home. Door hangers are easy to distribute and inexpensive. You can spread the word with little risk.

Door hangers are also effective attention grabbers. Your design can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Door hanger design should always support the purpose of the message. Are you looking to promote a special time-sensitive offer that your prospect simply must take advantage of right away? Then your door hanger design should be bright and energetic. The copy should express a clear solution to the prospect’s needs and a call to action. But what if you are simply letting your target audience know you’ve been by to introduce yourself and leave your calling card. A more reserved, classic font and color scheme might work for you best.

There is plenty of competition out there, and you want to make sure you get your share of the market. There is always room for high quality services and products in any kind of economy. Let door hangers speak for your brand and do your selling for you.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advertising with flyers can boost your e-traffic

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding ways to reach new audiences and prospects. Flyer advertisements can provide an excellent solution to this dilemma with little risk and expense to your business or organization. Flyers are a great was to connect with larger audiences that would normally not see or hear your message. And you can get a double benefit from a flyer by tying it to your social media marketing campaign.

Flyer advertisements are like 10,000 people talking about your promotion, service, or event all at once. Flyers add an extra link in the social media network chain by promoting your organization’s products, services, or events offline. Listing your company’s website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, along with a time-sensitive, high interest offer, give your more bang for your buck. Encourage your target audience to visit your webpage and reward them with a special offer or bonus service.

Flyer advertisements can reinforce your online presence by repeated contact with your brand, company logo, or company message. It’s the perfect way to saturate a market share with your message by hitting key areas over and over in a variety of ways. Because flyer advertising is an inexpensive way to advertise, you can send out more flyers, more often, to your target audiences and still have money left in your marketing budget.

And flyer advertisements can do something online marketing can’t do—it can hit people when they are involved in other activities. Flyer advertisements can be distributed at concerts, political events, in restaurant parking lots, throughout farmer’s markets, and other grassroots events. Consider how many hundreds of people attend world class surfing events or football games. Putting a flyer advertisement, with your brand, logo, and promotion, directly into the hands of your prospect while they are having a good time can give you that edge over your competition.

Flyers advertisements can be distributed nationwide in various regions of the country. Your flyer campaign can be as large or as small as you need it to be. Your flyers can follow a highly promoted music festival, reaching new audiences from coast to coast. Or you can go local, and focus your campaign on the neighborhoods surrounding your business. Flyer distribution can pin-point a specific demographic like ethnicity, income level, age, or marital status. And flyer delivery can be done in a flash.

In today’s economy, it’s important to reach as many potential customers as possible. Combining your social media campaign with flyer advertisement distribution will boost your e-traffic and give you the powerful results you are looking for.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Door Hangers are more effective than Junk Mail

Door hangers are much more effective than using the traditional US mail/junk mail system.   First of all, if you are advertising your business with the US mail your advertisement is getting bunched up with all the other advertisements, so it is very likely to be discarded without even being looked at or considered.  With door hanger flyer distribution the message is getting right to the source, right to the front door.   It's the "hands on" approach that is such a successful way to advertise.   Let's face it, if only one third of your advertisement is even making it to the attention of your potential customer, it's costing you triple.   That's a fact.   That fact also leads into another avenue of successful advertising, and that is the importance of using a company with live GPS tracking to process and complete your delivery order.   This ensures that your advertisement is making it directly to the front door, and not in the nearest dumpster.   

Another reason the US mail isn't the best method of advertisement is it's extremely impersonal.   There is an intimate message delivered with the door hanger or flyer.   That message is "we are reaching out to you".   This is a very valuable asset for your business and it shows more effort and a more personal touch to your potential consumer.   Junk mail is the past.   Door hangers and flyers are the future.  Persistence pays off.   The more consistently your company will advertise, the more consistent your results will be.  Also the better the offer for your consumer, the better your results will be.  

An even bigger, newly announced reason to disregard the US mail as being a great method of advertisement is that they have announced that the post office will no longer be delivering mail on Saturdays, beginning in the month of August 2013.  This is a problem for many businesses who consistently deliver their advertisements via US mail.  It's a fact that Saturdays and Sundays are big shopping days for the public.  If you are looking to run a successful and repetitive advertising campaign, Saturday deliveries are a must.  We at GotDelivered will make those Saturday deliveries happen for you, at a reasonable expense.  Don't waste your time or your money anymore.   At GotDelivered, we do the work for you, professionally and with integrity.  That way, you can do what you do best....which is run your business.   We will handle the rest and get your business out there to the public, so you can continue growing your business and doing what's right for the consumer.