Sunday, February 2, 2014

Door Hanger Delivery – Because You Have Better Things To Do

Door hangers and flyer distribution are key to almost any good marketing campaign that targets a particular neighborhood. Whether you are a new restaurant looking for clientele or a gym that has been in the neighborhood for 20 years, door hangers can help draw in new customers any day of the week. 

Once you have designed, ordered, and printed your flyers, only one thing stands in the way of receiving a new influx of business: actually hanging them on the doors. 
As anyone who has ever done flyer distribution or door hanger distribution can tell you, distributing door hangers in a neighborhood can be time consuming and tedious. 

No business owner wants to have to deal with that chore, nor do they want to have to deal with telling an employee to do it for them. Door hanger delivery is not exactly the normal job description of any employee, and many may simply not know the neighborhood well enough to do it efficiently. It’s a logistics headache for just about anyone who wants to save time, money, and effort while still getting their door hangers out to their target audience. 

The best solution for many businesses – large and small alike – is to outsource their door hanger delivery work to a company who is well versed in their local terrain. This way, you are able to get the entire flyer delivery process underway without having to get your hands dirty in the process. 

The staff members who would be hanging each flyer on your target audiences’ doors will be able to do it in the shortest time possible, and you would probably end up saving money and time when it comes to tax season. All that customers usually have to do is tell the people who they outsource the work to where they want the door hangers to be delivered to, and sit back while others do the work. 

Door hanger delivery services and companies serve a very good purpose when it comes to overcoming the biggest issue of this form of traditional marketing – getting the flyers out there without wasting company time. Since flyer distribution services free up hours of employee time, businesses can use that time and money on more marketing endeavors, upgrades to their equipment, or even just a higher profit margin for the next quarter. It’s up to you to decide what to do with that extra time. 

Most detractors from outsourcing this tedious task will tell you that it’s probably out of your budget range, and then tell you that you should look into other methods of marketing in order to reach your audience. You shouldn’t listen to them, mainly because they are wrong.  

Despite what others may tell you, door hanger delivery services can be very inexpensive. You wouldn’t be able to know, however, unless you ask a local company for a quote on the door hanger delivery route that you would want to put underway. 


  1. Im not sure that I agree with door hangers being one of the best methods at all, but I will say that I can see its value for some business. For me a digital approach is much more worth the time and effort. Also, I didn't know that there was an actually company that would deliver your door hangers for you. I always find a kid that's willing to make a few bucks and send him or her on there way.

  2. Used their service to distribute 5000 flyers in Brooklyn. I gave them a clear instruction on Google Maps where I want the flyers delivered, like huge red marked up areas. And yet, they were unable to distribute in the correct areas. Less than 50 flyers were distributed correctly, the 4950 others, which I actually doubt they were all delivered, were completely wrong. According to the report I received it’s impossible to distribute 5000 flyers in the area shown. Although their "GPS Report" and pictures proved clearly that wrong areas were delivered, they would neither refund nor redo the job correctly. I wasted $1,850 for a team of uncapable, unprofessional people throughout the organization. Their so said guaranteed delivery is a a joke and simple lie. Unfortunately to little amount to involve a lawyer. My advice, don’t do any business with them.

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