Friday, January 3, 2014

How Effective Is Door Hanger Distribution

Among all the marketing techniques door hangers and their distribution get the most bang for the buck. When compared to even the mass distribution outlets such as Internet advertising based on the number of clicks it generates, door hangers are cheaper and more effective – lasts more than a mere click and even if one does not want it, even the discarding involves having a glance at it and the message seeping into the subconscious, so to say!

Attractively designed and uniquely tailored to the product or the service, a simple but 'telling' door hanger has an impact far beyond its humble origins. It is the most unobtrusive way of catching the attention of a potential customer and if distributed widely it cannot but come to the notice and what's more hold it for longer than routine postal and mail advertising can. After all how many times we throw the bulk of the ad-mail into the trash can even without glancing at it? In this day and age of the Internet and an avalanche of information at one's fingertips, few have the time and inclination to peruse through voluminous – even if they are leaflets – mail advertising material, especially if cluttered with information. The humble door hanger overcomes this overkill neatly by its very ubiquitousness and simplicity.

The door hanger distribution compares more favorably with flyer distribution, with the latter involving more outlay and also entailing the risk of the prospective client getting irritated at the intrusiveness of the caller if it is handed in person, or if just left at the doorstep the likelihood of being picked up only to be thrown into the trash bin. The Flyer and the leaflets have their effectiveness, but not to the same degree as a properly distributed door hanger. After all for a person returning home after a hard day's work, a door hanger at the door knob is an immediate attention catcher. For one has to handle the knob and thereby the door hanger physically to open the door and get in. It is in this 'intimate' handling stage that the door hanger cannot but draw one's attention, and utilize the '3 seconds' span to its utmost effectiveness.

Finally, in these days of tight jobs and the availability of many people who will take up a part time and undemanding job like door hanger distribution in a targeted neighborhood and as a team effort, door hanger distribution is easy and least expensive. It is truly a case of ' well begun half done ' – the other half being, of course, the actual marketing of the product to the client who decides to go for the product or service spurred by the door hanger's message. 

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  1. Again I am not sure that I would agree with you on it having the most bang for the buck, but I am willing to give this a shot. Do you know of anyone that does this delivery service here in Rhode Island? I would be very interested in testing it out.