Friday, December 27, 2013

Effectiveness of Door hangers

Many major industries make regular use of door hangers. The reason why is because they are so effective at putting your message, brand, company name, and logo into your target audience’s hands. Door hanger delivery is a tried and true method for mining new prospects, building your brand, and reaching out to your community.

Door hangers can be effectively used for political campaigns, conservation efforts, city or community announcements, and product promotions or special offers. Door hangers are a great fit for informing consumers of sales and events or raising awareness about your services. Door hanger delivery is especially effective for seasonal business drives, such as tax preparation, Christmas specials, political elections, and New Year’s resolution fitness promotions. Door hangers can be share your message directly to your target audience on time.

Door hangers can be targeted right to the people you want to hear your message the most. In every area of the country—from coast to coast—nationwide door hanger distribution provides easy solutions for targeting specific demographics. Your message can reach prospects of any age, marital status, or income level. Imagine how effective your door hanger advertising can be as it targets specific ethnicities for a bilingual campaign!

Our door hangers are effectively distributed all over the continental United States. Your message, delivered throughout any region, county, city, neighborhood, or even a radius around a specific address, can be on the front door of your target customer’s home. Door hangers are easy to distribute and inexpensive. You can spread the word with little risk.

Door hangers are also effective attention grabbers. Your design can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Door hanger design should always support the purpose of the message. Are you looking to promote a special time-sensitive offer that your prospect simply must take advantage of right away? Then your door hanger design should be bright and energetic. The copy should express a clear solution to the prospect’s needs and a call to action. But what if you are simply letting your target audience know you’ve been by to introduce yourself and leave your calling card. A more reserved, classic font and color scheme might work for you best.

There is plenty of competition out there, and you want to make sure you get your share of the market. There is always room for high quality services and products in any kind of economy. Let door hangers speak for your brand and do your selling for you.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advertising with flyers can boost your e-traffic

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding ways to reach new audiences and prospects. Flyer advertisements can provide an excellent solution to this dilemma with little risk and expense to your business or organization. Flyers are a great was to connect with larger audiences that would normally not see or hear your message. And you can get a double benefit from a flyer by tying it to your social media marketing campaign.

Flyer advertisements are like 10,000 people talking about your promotion, service, or event all at once. Flyers add an extra link in the social media network chain by promoting your organization’s products, services, or events offline. Listing your company’s website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, along with a time-sensitive, high interest offer, give your more bang for your buck. Encourage your target audience to visit your webpage and reward them with a special offer or bonus service.

Flyer advertisements can reinforce your online presence by repeated contact with your brand, company logo, or company message. It’s the perfect way to saturate a market share with your message by hitting key areas over and over in a variety of ways. Because flyer advertising is an inexpensive way to advertise, you can send out more flyers, more often, to your target audiences and still have money left in your marketing budget.

And flyer advertisements can do something online marketing can’t do—it can hit people when they are involved in other activities. Flyer advertisements can be distributed at concerts, political events, in restaurant parking lots, throughout farmer’s markets, and other grassroots events. Consider how many hundreds of people attend world class surfing events or football games. Putting a flyer advertisement, with your brand, logo, and promotion, directly into the hands of your prospect while they are having a good time can give you that edge over your competition.

Flyers advertisements can be distributed nationwide in various regions of the country. Your flyer campaign can be as large or as small as you need it to be. Your flyers can follow a highly promoted music festival, reaching new audiences from coast to coast. Or you can go local, and focus your campaign on the neighborhoods surrounding your business. Flyer distribution can pin-point a specific demographic like ethnicity, income level, age, or marital status. And flyer delivery can be done in a flash.

In today’s economy, it’s important to reach as many potential customers as possible. Combining your social media campaign with flyer advertisement distribution will boost your e-traffic and give you the powerful results you are looking for.