Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Door hangers beat out the competition for attention

All businesses have to make sure that they are getting the best value for their dollar. One value intensive method of advertising is door hanger advertising. This type of direct marketing has been around for years, but you may be wondering if it is still relevant for today’s consumer. Door hanger advertisements are, in fact, more relevant than ever.

It’s common knowledge that people are bombarded with radio ads, TV ads, internet pop-ups, and “junk emails”, all of which are all competing for their attention. Door hangers don’t have to compete with any other ads. They are simply resting on the front door knob and must be handled, and thus looked at, as the customer enters their home. Not only that, but they will bring it inside their home. Other family members will encounter the message, as well as friends or visitors.

Door hanger advertisements don’t simply disappear as radio, TV, and internet ads do. Door hangers are there, where you want them for an indefinite period of time. Once inside the home, door hangers can be posted on the refrigerator with a magnet as a constant reminder to the customer that your restaurant’s number is right at their fingertips, along with a 50% off coupon for a great meal.

Door hanger advertisements have come a long way in design technology and paper quality. A crisp, clear image and tightly expressed message can be powerfully packed into a door hanger advertisement. People appreciate novelty and will enjoy a sharp design or a unique offer. A thoughtful, well-designed door hanger, with your logo, brand, or company slogan can stimulate a potential customer to choose your product or service over another’s simply because they like your style, and so your company.

Another benefit of door hanger delivery is the potential to hit the right target at the right time. Geography counts and yours can be targeted to customers nationwide or by zip code. Radios and TV ads blast to the masses, while door hangers can be selectively given to real potential customers in your local neighborhoods and cities. Your campaign can be specifically targeted to just the folks you know will use your service. Why waste money blasting to everyone about your event? Rather, personally invite them, with a polished door hanger.

Door hanger advertisements add a great value to any advertising campaign. Door hangers are here to stay.

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