Saturday, March 30, 2013

Door Hangers are more effective than Junk Mail

Door hangers are much more effective than using the traditional US mail/junk mail system.   First of all, if you are advertising your business with the US mail your advertisement is getting bunched up with all the other advertisements, so it is very likely to be discarded without even being looked at or considered.  With door hanger flyer distribution the message is getting right to the source, right to the front door.   It's the "hands on" approach that is such a successful way to advertise.   Let's face it, if only one third of your advertisement is even making it to the attention of your potential customer, it's costing you triple.   That's a fact.   That fact also leads into another avenue of successful advertising, and that is the importance of using a company with live GPS tracking to process and complete your delivery order.   This ensures that your advertisement is making it directly to the front door, and not in the nearest dumpster.   

Another reason the US mail isn't the best method of advertisement is it's extremely impersonal.   There is an intimate message delivered with the door hanger or flyer.   That message is "we are reaching out to you".   This is a very valuable asset for your business and it shows more effort and a more personal touch to your potential consumer.   Junk mail is the past.   Door hangers and flyers are the future.  Persistence pays off.   The more consistently your company will advertise, the more consistent your results will be.  Also the better the offer for your consumer, the better your results will be.  

An even bigger, newly announced reason to disregard the US mail as being a great method of advertisement is that they have announced that the post office will no longer be delivering mail on Saturdays, beginning in the month of August 2013.  This is a problem for many businesses who consistently deliver their advertisements via US mail.  It's a fact that Saturdays and Sundays are big shopping days for the public.  If you are looking to run a successful and repetitive advertising campaign, Saturday deliveries are a must.  We at GotDelivered will make those Saturday deliveries happen for you, at a reasonable expense.  Don't waste your time or your money anymore.   At GotDelivered, we do the work for you, professionally and with integrity.  That way, you can do what you do best....which is run your business.   We will handle the rest and get your business out there to the public, so you can continue growing your business and doing what's right for the consumer.   

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  1. Used their service to distribute 5000 flyers in Brooklyn. I gave them a clear instruction on Google Maps where I want the flyers delivered, like huge red marked up areas. And yet, they were unable to distribute in the correct areas. Less than 50 flyers were distributed correctly, the 4950 others, which I actually doubt they were all delivered, were completely wrong. According to the report I received it’s impossible to distribute 5000 flyers in the area shown. Although their "GPS Report" and pictures proved clearly that wrong areas were delivered, they would neither refund nor redo the job correctly. I wasted $1,850 for a team of uncapable, unprofessional people throughout the organization. Their so said guaranteed delivery is a a joke and simple lie. Unfortunately to little amount to involve a lawyer. My advice, don’t do any business with them.